Watch As This 60-Year-Old Teacher Performs An ‘Uptown Funk’ Dance Routine With Her Students

If you haven’t seen an “Uptown Funk” dance video on the Interwebs lately, you’ve probably been in prison for the past several months. Actually, people in prison may have even seen these. For those of you not familiar with these videos, here’s an example with Michelle Obama on Ellen.

In this clip, a 60-year-old Canadian teacher named Shirley Clements is seen doing a choreographed routine with her students to the popular Mark Ronson song. Shirley keeps in step with the youngsters, while they all do a hip hop-style dance. She delights the crowd with her energy, even performing a friggin’ headstand spin. This woman is SIXTY.

Shirley retires next year, but looks spry enough to keep it going for another six decades.

(Via Daily Dot)