Watch As This Man Frantically Tries To Stop An Out Of Control Elevator From Crashing Into The Roof

06.09.14 4 years ago 3 Comments

Usually the fear that accompanies an elevator ride concerns the compartment hurtling towards the ground and everyone involved becoming human pancakes (or dog pancakes because you never know if someone has a helper dog with them). You never really think that the elevator might fly up and crash into the ceiling. That’s the kinda stuff you only save for Willy Wonka.

Well José Vergara Acevedo found out the hard way that an elevator can indeed crash going up, something I’m sure he regrets finding out at this point. Pray for Grandpa Joe. From The Daily Mail:

CCTV footage posted to YouTube, captures José Vergara Acevedo, 31, entering the lift in an unidentified building in Santiago last Friday evening.

At first the doors close but then they reopen as the elevator starts hurtling upwards at high-speed, causing Mr Acevedo to frantically press buttons on the control panel.

The final frame shows the surveillance camera being smashed into pieces as the lift comes to an abrupt halt.

It is estimated the lift reached speeds of up to 80kmh.

The Chilean newspaper, El Mercurio, reports that Mr Acevedo suffered head and leg injuries and was immediately rushed to hospital after being rescued by firefighters.

An investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the elevator malfunction.

According to Chilean news sources, the elevator was inside a building that was finished eight months ago near Bustamante Park in Providencia.

This really makes you rethink being impatient with elevators. I would rather travel at a slower pace than sh*t my pants going up 30 stories in 15 seconds. Luckily Mr. Acevado made it through alright, even if he never rides another elevator in his life. I know I wouldn’t.

(Via Daily Mail / VideoNews247)

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