Watch Robert Durst Pee On The Candy Display At A CVS Checkout

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By now, we hope that you’ve stopped having nightmares about the finale of HBO’s The Jinx, in which Robert Durst ostensibly confessed to multiple murders by whispering to himself in the bathroom while still wearing a hot microphone.

If your sleep schedule is finally back to normal, it won’t stay that way for long because Durst is back to terrorize you with this video of him peeing all over the candy display at a Houston CVS.

KPRC2 in Houston recently obtained the footage of the bizarre June 2014 incident and reports that Durst’s lawyer explained the incident as an, um, accident:

“This was a medical mishap, plain and simple. He had to go and he couldn’t hold it,” said Durst’s lawyer.

In December 2014, Durst pleaded no contest to a charge of criminal mischief. After his plea, Durst was ordered to pay restitution to CVS for the Class C misdemeanor.

“He patronized that store quite often and was very friendly and very well liked by all the staff,” said Durst’s lawyer. “He was embarrassed in that aspect. The people that were so good to him were put, themselves, in an embarrassing situation.”

First, he (allegedly?) stole a sandwich from Wegmans, then he (allegedly?) peed on the candy display at CVS. This monster must be stopped before he does something truly heinous, like lick the touch-screen menus at Wawa, or something.

(Via KPRC 2, the Daily Intelligencer)