Watch Sir Ian McKellen Go Full Gandalf On These Unsuspecting Students

When Gandalf tells you to mind your revisions, pay attention!

Sir Ian McKellen stopped by Chew Valley School this week to deliver a very special message for the students.

In a series of mesmerising addresses and question and answer sessions he talked movingly about his own personal history in the context of changing attitudes and legislation in relation to gay rights.  Whilst celebrating the undoubted progress he has witnessed in his own life-time he urged Chew Valley students to continue to be a beacon for civilised attitudes and behaviour against the cruelties that can exist on these shores as well as intolerant societies abroad.

After visiting with students about the dramatic arts and LGBT rights, he delivered a message to a group of students outside the school’s library. He leaned out the window and warned the gathered crowd, “In your preparation for your examinations, if you don’t do your revision properly, do you know what will happen?”

All together now…


After this successful visit, I vote that Sir Ian McKellen should take a school tour every year during finals week. Maybe Aaron Paul could join him to spread the joy of science and math! “Yeah, Mr. White! Yeah, science!”

Source: Chew Valley School