This Clumsy Hiker Comes SO CLOSE To Making It Across This Log Bridge … But No

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01.20.15 3 Comments

You know what’s going to happen in this video. I don’t have to tell you. The first hiker crossing over the river is decked from head to toe in camo gear, boots, and a military-looking backpack. This is a dude who has seen his fair share of log bridges.

The second hiker crossing the river is wearing a button-down plaid shirt, khakis, sneakers, a bright red baseball cap and carrying what appears to be a brand new sleep roll hanging from his backpack. This is a dude who doesn’t know a log bridge from his own wiener.

So it’s not a matter of “if,” it’s a matter of “when,” and when it does happen — in such excruciatingly delicious slow motion — it doesn’t rob anything from the comedic experience. A perfect 10 as far as people falling into rivers go.

(Via Reddit)

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