Watch This Dumb Little Dog Play Possum Every Time It Gets Picked Up

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10.24.14 2 Comments

What’s up with that saying, anyway, playing possum? Yeah, I get it. Possums play dead when they feel threatened. I don’t know why that’s a better saying than just “playing dead,” though, because you might as well say “playing horrifying, soulless dead-eyed motherf*cker.” Ugh, possums. And I refuse to call them “opossums” like they fancy or something.

Anyway, what was I saying? Oh right: this dumb little dog playing possum dead. So this chihuahua thinks it’s pretty brave and all when its sitting on the safe, protective lap of its owner, but as soon as it gets picked up by someone else it goes into full blown “light as a feather, stuff as a board” mode. Maybe the guy will forget he’s holding me if I just STAY REAL STILL with my ridiculous chihuahua tounge lolling out the side. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

(Via Tastefully Offensive)

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