Watch This Swedish Guy’s Explosion Of Anger After Missing The Train By A Few Seconds

If you’ve ever been late for a plane, a train, or a bus, then you know how frustrating taking public transit can be. Sure, you’re the one who’s late, but it wouldn’t hurt the other passengers to wait just a little bit longer. At least, that’s probably what this angry Swedish guy thought a few weeks ago.

A local news crew from TV4 happened to be filming at the Gothenburg Central Station when the irritable blonde missed the departing train by a few seconds. He wasn’t the only late passenger, of course, but he sure as hell was the most vocal.

Speaking of hell, the word the angry Swede screams is “helvete,” which is the Swedish word for “hell.” Swedes and Norwegians use the word as a common curse, just as I yell “f*ck,” “sh*t,” or any number of combinations whenever I miss the T in Boston.

Source: YouTube