Watch Your Back World of Warcraft — The Elder Scrolls is Going MMO in 2013

Well, you know it had to happen eventually — The Elder Scrolls series is going MMO in 2013. Not exactly a shocking move, considering the Elder Scrolls games are pretty much just single-player MMOs to begin with. Really, the only shocking thing is that it took this long to happen.

The game is being developed by ZeniMax Online Studios, which was founded way back in 2007 but has yet to release a single game. It’s probably safe to assume the studio has been spending most of the past five years toiling away on The Elder Scrolls Online in secret.

Early today Bethesda released a short teaser trailer for The Elder Scrolls online, which you can check out after the jump…

Not exactly brimming with information, but that’s one hell of a narrator they have there. There are also some screenshots of the game floating around, but I’m not posting ’em — they were lifted from Game Informer and I’m sure my overlords would prefer I don’t get Uproxx sued. For the curious, Google’s your friend.

A few details about Elder Scrolls online — it will take place a millennium before the events of Skyrim, with players being able to join one of three factions, each of which consists of three races. The first-person perspective of previous Elder Scrolls games will be ditched in favor of a more typical MMO third-person view, and it seems like the world will mostly be made up of re-used environments from Morrowind and Skyrim.

So yeah, I’m not a big MMO player, but this definitely sounds like the biggest threat to World of Warcraft’s dominance to date. Any MMO players out there? What do you think? How about Elder Scrolls fans? Are you on board for the new MMO direction?

via Ars Technica & XBIBY Games