We Call It Han Solo In Carbonite, With Blaster

Normally, huge companies like fan-crafted items like this slide. That said, somehow, we don’t think Disney is going to let this one stay up on Etsy very long.

To be fair, the photos actually make it look really good. This is clearly a sculpt that Etsy user WickedStudio spent a lot of time on:

As a point of comparison, here’s the original. So, with all that time and effort, obviously the switch placement was just the result of an abundance of innocence and cluelessness, right?

The Force is hard with this one. This is a working UL approved switch installed in the crotch of an icon of pop culture, Han Solo in Carbon Freeze.

This is not an official Star Wars product.

Gee, really?

We haven’t really examined Han’s frozen crotch closely enough to know if the light switch there is to scale, but if so, we’ve got to say, no wonder Leia broke out the thermal detonator.

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