We Regret To Inform You That Mayonnaise Enemas Are Now A Thing

It’s not that complicated, people: mayonnaise is supposed to go out of you, not into you. As in, “I specifically asked for NO mayo on my sandwich. Now I’m going to spit this acidic eye gunk in your face, and you’re not going to want to see the mess I leave in the bathroom.” But nooo, the Canadians had to screw everything up

A controversial Fringe Festival performance featuring two naked actors engaging in mayonnaise enemas and a sexual act on stage left some audience members in shock while others walked out of the theatre.

The show, Hollywood Hen Pit, stars Doug Melnyk and Ian Mozdzen, who have been known for their edgy performances, having raised eyebrows in 2011 with their Fringe play Monopoly Man Pit.

This year’s performance is about the life of an aging Hollywood starlet as performed by two nude men.

“What I saw were not one, not two, but three mayonnaise enemas,” said Fringe Festival reviewer Michelle Palansky, who was in the audience Friday night.

“By the third time…I was like, you know, this is gratuitous. I do not need to see any more mayonnaise enemas for the rest of my lifetime.” [Ed. note: they stole my yearbook quote.] (Via)

Mayo: it’s the enemy of the state; not enema of the state.

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