We’ve Reached Peak Hipster With These Beard Combs Made Out Of Old Vinyl Records

Before you head to that DIY basement show or hop on your bike to go to your friend’s latest “art exhibit” (yes, we all know you ride everywhere), perhaps you might want to tidy up and invest in the hipster grooming product to end all hipster grooming products: the beard comb made out of old vinyl records.

Created by Estonia-based Upstairs Shop, the “Grably No. 15” is here to “tackle your long, thick, curly bead with ease” and, of course, effectively fast-track you into the upper echelon of hipsterdom. Each costs roughly only $11.50, plus shipping and handling, which is way cheaper than buying a pound of LCD Soundsystem-branded coffee or that terribly tasteless “vintage” Kent State University sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters. (Psst…for those fellas who sport longer beards, fear not, “Grably No. 20” has got you covered.)

Below, check out more photos of the beard combs.

Upstairs Shop via Consequence of Sound