What ‘Arrested Development’ Would Look Like As An 8-Bit Video Game

We’ve seen Arrested Development Etsy merchandise, cereal, art shows, t-shirts, and dance graphics before, but one market has been sadly left untapped: 8-bit video games.

Enter 72Pins and their line of AD games, including the Dr. Mario-inspired Dr. Funke’s 100% and Chicken Dance Revolution, which owes a debt of gratitude to Dance Dance Revolution. According to the website, “These are artist created items that use classic NES cartridges recycled as an art canvas. Inside you will find a random vintage game from the original NES lineup that still works! All profits go directly to supporting the artists and team involved in the creation of these carts.” They’re a much better Christmas gift for AD fans than a bottle of Parmesan cheese with “Gene” scrawled on it. Believe me.