What Is The Longest Fantasy Epic?

With today’s release of Dance with Dragons, George R. R. Martin has dispatched another 1510 pages of his mesmerizing A Song of Ice And Fire series. Who’s counting? Well, we are, with the help of Walk Into Mordor, The Green Dragon group, LibraryThing.com and Amazon. Quality surely beats quantity but some of the greatest fantasy series have managed both at astonishingly long page counts (word count was unavailable).

Although Martin’s Ice and Fire series measures only five books now–compared with Wheel Of Time’s 14 books–it already ranks in the top 25 in the thorough collection we’re using as the basis of this graph. Of course Ice and Fire’s rank will rise further when Martin releases the planned titles The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring. And though there’s no chance that Ice and Fire will catch the series with the highest page count, as a consolation Martin will probably get some swag in his trophy case for HBO’s Game of Thrones come the upcoming Emmy Awards. Check out the graph that reveals the series that have destroyed the most trees. (Just play along with us, Kindle snobs.)