What Superteam Is The ‘Ant-Man’ Movie Setting Up?

There are upsides and downsides to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, if you’re a creator. The upside is, of course, they’re fun movies to work on and you get a career boost. The downside is you can’t make a single decision without some insane nerd overanalyzing it. So apologies in advance to Peyton Reed, but Ant-Man might be setting up yet another superteam with its latest casting announcement.

The Wasp has been squashed, or at least the Janet Van Dyne version, but that doesn’t mean every guy in the movie will have a dead family. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Scott Lang’s motivation for stealing stuff and ultimately becoming Ant-Man is alive and well:

Reed talked about the personal nature of the story for Paul Rudd’s character, Scott Lang. “In the comics, Scott Lang has a daughter, and that’s part of the movie too, in terms of the character dynamics that are going on,” he explained. “That really appealed to me.”

In the comics, Cassie later becomes Stature after her dad is murdered by Marvel’s most vicious and soulless serial killer (Brian Michael Bendis), and she is a key member of the Young Avengers. I also bring this up because it would establish Kate Bishop as a Hawkeye, which would mean we were that much closer to Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye coming to the big screen. We need more Russians who incessantly use the term ‘bro’ on screen, Marvel.

Of course, there’s no guarantee they’ll follow up on this idea. But it’s fun to speculate, and it’s nice to see they’re sticking close to the original character. Now, about Eric O’Grady being involved…