What The Heck Is Going On Between Marc Maron And T.J. Miller?

TWITTER FIGHTS, YEAH. Earlier today, mucus-voiced T.J. Miller tweeted the following:

What the heck is going on? Is Miller actually pissed, or is he just trolling? The answer to both: yes. Mike Judge was recently on WTF, and near the end of their chat, Marc Maron mentioned that he liked Silicon Valley, but added, “Some of those guys, I have personal problems with.” (So long as you’re not bashing dick jokes, it’s cool.) Maron and Kumail Nanjiani enjoy ripping each other on Doug Loves Movies, and his relationship with Miller is just as love-hate-love.

I respect these guys and they’re funny guys, but I’m a cantankerous f*ck sometimes, and T.J. Miller, like, sort of as a person always sort of annoyed me. But he’s f*cking, he’s great, and I know him and I’m a known cranky bastard, but he’s great in that.

Maron’s not a big fan of T.J. Miller as a person, but really likes him as a comedian, and Miller’s playing off this. No word on his opinion of T.J. Miller as a Transformers: Age of Extinction star. You can listen to the whole podcast here (the Silicon Valley talk starts around 1:43:00 in).