Who Red-Shelled It Better? Three Versions of Real Life Mario Kart


Please don’t construe my USA chanting above as bias against the two non-American versions of real life Mario Kart after the jump.  Nor should this red, white, and blue “#1” painted on my bare chest sway your vote.  Unless you want it to. *smashes ’em together* . . . And now I’ve grossed myself out, so let’s move on.
The first video showcases French prankster Rémi Gaillard doing a lot of things that would get him tased in America.  The second video is American Freddie Wong’s special-effects-heavy version of Mario Kart. The last video shows Japan’s Satoshi Imanaka, a rich 57-year-old who manages a company called S.C.A.T. Japan.  I sh*t you not.  He dresses up as Mario and rides a 50cc kart around giving toys, candy, and school supplies to children. Have a seat over here. No, not in the go kart. On the barstool.


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