Why Didn't We Listen?! Local Newscast From The 90s Exposes The Heartbreak Of 'Nintenpendence'

The 90s man — a time when kids got sent to therapy over Super Mario World and lady news anchors wore three-toed sloths on their heads. 

A new Nintendo console is coming out this weekend, which means therapists better brace themselves for the wave of “Nintenpendent” families about to flood their offices. What? You’ve never heard about Nintendo therapy? It’s a 100% real thing that’s totally actually happening according to early 90s local news reports!

Hold your children close and hit the jump for the scary truth…

Whaaaat? This new set-up costs MORE than the old one and you CAN’T mix-and-match?! F-Zero? Pfft. Clearly a mere updated take on a fairly well known format. I’m not being taken in. You can take your damn videos and marketing meant to make me spend more money back to JAPAN Nintendo. Besides, I like Sega’s pictures better.

via Buzzfeed

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