Why Does the Red Skull Look Like Voldemort?

“But, Dan”, some of you might say, “Vince already blogged this on Filmdrunk!” Well, Vince mistook the Hydra symbol on the belt buckle for Cthulu, so Vince has to go roll on a bunch of unpainted minis as penance.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about how this makeup looks like white supremacist Harry Potter cosplay.

Not to pull out the inevitable comparison to Voldemort, but it is inevitable, because that’s Voldemort’s makeup dyed red with a few appliques on the sides to make it skull-like, an effort impeded by his having ears, lips, and apparently a tent over his nose.

Look, we get it, you can’t chop off Hugo Weaving’s ears and nose, but would it have killed you to put some fake teeth over the lips, or at least retract them a little bit? Or was that considered too R-rated?

On the bright side, it’s pretty expressive, and it’s better than the last Captain America movie. So there’s that.

[ via the folks at Bleeding Cool and the bad nerds at Film Drunk ]