This Video Makes A Clear-Cut Case For The Worst WiFi Password Ever

Having a good WiFi network name is pretty key. It’s always a chore when you go home to your parents’ place and they’re still riding on those generic credentials – which is to say they have an incredibly complicated password that’s about 34-characters long, filled with letters, numbers, exclamation points and the like. You offer to simplify it, but “Nah, we’re already connected,” and you move on – begrudgingly entering that awful password into your necessary devices.

When I setup the network back in my apartment while living in Los Angeles, we had different pop-culture based networks: Human Beings (Greendale Community College’s mascot), and then The Honker Burger (Nickelodeon’s Doug, duh). Now, living in NYC, we have a simpler network name – and one of my roommates actually created a password pretty similar to the one featured in this video for it, and he’s pretty damn proud of it now that this video’s out there.

Having found this video on reddit, there are some other noteworthy password suggestions:

regal1989: Mine was SSID: “What Wi-Fi” with password:”hardtoforget.” We had our fair share who’s on first moments.

Naly_D:  Flat mates changed one of the networks to the best password after I left. Went back couldn’t connect “what’s the password for XXXX?” “Doesn’t have one” “Nah won’t connect” Password was doesnthaveone

phrixious: Ours was “what password?” Which was fun to say to guests

It’s a thing you create once for a quick laugh and then you’re connected and you generally never think about it again – except of course when you have any guests over. THAT is when your humor gets to shine.

(Via Reddit)