Wild Card, Kitten Mittens, Green Man, Milk Steak, And F*ck Yeah Tumblrs: An Interview With Charlie Day

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09.13.11 16 Comments
As part of Always Sunny Week here at UPROXX Charlie Day was awesome enough to spend a few minutes talking with me about the show, its remarkable following on the internet, and the odd, random, and sometimes off-putting Sunny trivia my buddies and I have spent years debating over beers. He’s as friendly, accessible, and easy to chat with as you’d imagine, and he didn’t even seem to notice how awkward and inarticulate I am over the phone, which makes him even more of a national treasure in my eyes.

Since we dedicate the majority of our time here at UPROXX to the intersection of web culture and entertainment, we kicked things off by discussing the internet’s obsession with Sunny, Charlie Kelly, and the soon-to-be unveiled Fat Mac. We then transitioned into some quick fire questions that I think you’ll enjoy even if you’ve never seen the show.

Do you guys actively discuss the internet, what will work, and things that will be embraced by the internet? Are you ever in the middle of taping a bit and like, “This is going to kill!”?

Mmm, no not really. I mean, first and foremost we’re just trying to make the best product we can and the internet becomes sort of a secondary thing. If a certain joke or scene picks up on the internet and takes off that’s great. Although we never want someone to just get one scene or joke out of context. But sometimes we’ll do a little short video or something for the internet hoping that that goes around just to stir up a little buzz for the show. But you know the internet is just a nice bonus to getting the show out.

Is there any place in particular like Twitter or Tumblr or any certain sites that you like to personally check out for reactions or coverage?

I’m on Twitter and I’ll hop on every now and then although I use it primarily so someone else can’t use it and pretend to be me. I like that little “verified” check. I’m only vaguely aware of what a Tumblr is.

Because there are all these “F*ck Yeah” Tumblrs dedicated to “F*ck Yeah Charlie Day” or “F*ck Yeah Always Sunny” there are just so many animated GIFs of you out there it’s kind of amazing. We actually did a GIF wall feature because there are so many out there. Thoughts?

All I can say to that is f*ck yeah!

The Green Man phenomenon has taken off at sporting events. When did you first become aware of how big that had become?

I think shortly after we did that episode we started to see Green Man popping up at a sporting event or two. At first just in Philly and we thought it was cool. Someone’s out there doing it. I think by then the guy was following Tiger Woods around and then obviously the two guys in Canada have taken it to a whole other level.

It’s sort of been a growing phenomenon. I’m still surprised to this day that people are willing to do it.

Is there a certain phrase or saying that you get most often in public when someone sees you somewhere? That they come up and scream at you or yell at you?

It’s usually “Wild Card.”

That was my #1 vote.

That’s usually the #1. That or Day Man or Green Man.

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