Will R.I.P.D. Get A Big Slab Of Kevin Bacon?

08.01.11 8 years ago

Remember, R.I.P.D., the film that Ryan Reynolds chose to do instead of the Deadpool film? Well, while it will probably be your standard, run of the mill buddy-cop-ghost-action-flick-based-on-a-comic flick, at least the cast’s shaping up pretty well.

True, Zach Galifianakis ended up dropping out of the part of Bo, the grizzled old gunslinger, but they ended up with replacing him with Jeff Bridges. (And if you’re looking for a grizzled old gunslinger, Jeff Bridges is pretty much the gold standard these days.)  And now it looks like they’ve got a decent villain too, as Variety is reporting that Kevin Bacon is in final negotiations for the part.

Well, actually Variety didn’t mention what part Bacon was considering, but Coming Soon is reporting that he’ll play the villain. It’s not the only (other) big name supposedly joining the cast: Jodie Foster’s rumored to be playing the part of “Proctor,” whoever the hell that is.

If you haven’t read the series (and we’re kind of betting you haven’t), it follows Nick Cruz (Reynolds), a recently deceased cop who’s forced to work for the afterlife’s police department, the “Rest In Peace Division,” as he tries to track down his killer and find his way to heaven. Here’s hoping he gets to kill Kevin Bacon a couple times along the way.

[Variety via Coming Soon]

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