Will Smith May Have Danced On A Segway Wearing A Gas Mask At Burning Man

Vulture has uncovered a video which they seem to think is Will Smith dancing on a segway at Burning Man earlier this week. I’d like to think it is as well, because I’m the kind of person who secretly wants to believe in unicorns and bigfoot, and when presented with some pretty solid evidence that Will Smith was dancing on a segway at Burning Man — you just roll with that.

The video evidence, which was posted to Instagram, shows a bunch of people doing a choreographed dance on a bunch of segways. One of the participants just so happened to be a well built black man wearing what appears to be a gas mask. FACT: Will Smith posted a picture of himself on Facebook last week wearing a gas mask, in which he said he was heading to burning man.

Here’s the video, if you want to judge for yourself:

Also, another piece of evidence: here is the video from a few weeks ago when Smith performed “Summertime” with DJ Jazzy Jeff and took his shirt off. I’ve studied these almost as intensely as the JFK assassination tapes, so I’m calling it: Will Smith totally danced on a segway wearing a gas mark at Burning Man.