William Barr’s Forthcoming Memoir About Working For Trump And George H.W. Bush Has A Weirdly Profane Title

In the last month of Donald Trump’s one-term presidency, William Barr did the right thing: He refused to let him subvert the will of the American people with baseless claims of voter fraud. What it really was was a Hail Mary. For the nearly two years he was Attorney General, Barr had done whatever Trump wanted, acting more like his personal lawyer than an independent protector of democracy. It’s why his post-Trump rehabilitation was not so well received. But if he did little right, at least he’s gifting the world with an unexpectedly weird book title.

As per ABC News, a memoir by Barr is set to hit shelves on March 8. What will he say about his AG stints for both Trump and George H.W. Bush? Will it be as trashy and snipey as other tell-alls? Will it accidentally reveal damning intel about Trump, like Mark Meadows’ book? It’s too soon to say, but one thing we do know for sure: It’s got a title, and that title is One Damn Thing After Another.

The title is reportedly an expression Barr has heard others say about the job he held not once but twice. It’s still a title so unusual that you might do a double take, initially thinking it’s a photoshopped joke about Barr’s irritation with a job made even more stressful by Trump’s lunacy. Maybe that’s what it’s about.

A press release for the memoir promises a “vivid, forthright, and essential” look at both presidents, though surely more people will glom onto his accounts of Trump than Bush I. On one hand, Barr resigned prematurely, in part because he refused to rubberstamp his voter fraud lies. On the other, he misled the American people about the contents of the Mueller report into Trump’s dealings with Russia, leaving others to point out that, no, it was not an “exoneration.” Still, maybe the book will inspire a movie, which means they can finally cast Patton Oswalt.

(Via ABC News)