William Barr’s Attempt To Rehabilitate His Career After Doing Whatever Trump Wanted For Almost Two Years Is Not Being That Well Received

For almost two years, Donald Trump’s Attorney General William Barr let him get away with anything. He helped cover up the Trump campaign’s cooperation with Russia. He dramatically misled the public about the findings of the the so-called “Mueller report.” He tried to obstruct numerous legal woes heading Trump’s way. All in all, he didn’t act as an independent leader of the Department of Justice but as his personal lawyer. (To make matters worse, we never got to see him played by Patton Oswalt on SNL.) The one thing he didn’t do was let him steal the 2020 election. And for that he wants forgiveness. But people aren’t giving it to him.

On Sunday, The Atlantic published a piece that details Barr’s final days as Trump’s AG, namely when he decided, in early December, that all the talk about a “stolen” election was, in Barr’s words, “bulls*it.” He stood up to a predictably furious Trump, never backing down. He only placated Trump’s explosive temper by writing a fawning resignation letter, praising all the good times they had during his administration, from when Barr took the job in February 2019 to when he prematurely stepped down in late 2020.

Much like Jared and Ivanka, who’ve reportedly distanced themselves from the president-turned-failed blogger, Barr appears to be trying to save face. He doesn’t want his legacy tarnished by someone who, despite continuing to have an inexplicable iron grip on the GOP — still in thrall to a septuagenarian who lives by himself in resorts and is banned by most of social media due to his violent rhetoric — may not look so hot in the history books.

But people were not buying it, and they advised others to not let him off the hook — not now, not ever.

And Barr’s not the only one people shouldn’t let off the hook.

Still, at least someone is admitting that what Trump said then, and continues to tell his supporters, is bull. But that’s arguably the lowest bar on planet Earth.