This Winnie-The-Pooh Facial Relaxation Mask Is The Most Terrifying Thing You’ve Ever Seen On Someone’s Face

Feeling tired and drained after a long day at work? Need a way to rejuvenate your face while also indulging in your Disney side? Most importantly: Do you want your face mask to strike terror into the heart of anyone who might see you rocking it? If the answer to all three is a resounding “yes!” then the Winnie-The-Pooh facial relaxation mask sold in Japan is for you (and all your mortal enemies, who will drop dead just at the sight of you.)

Before you see the mask on, it’s important to note that it isn’t meant to be terrifying. In fact, according to Rocket News, the packaging it’s sold in features the same silly old bear we’ve all grown to know and love. Who wouldn’t want to relax while looking like one of the friendliest creatures in the 100 Acre Woods? Why not watch some TV while moisturizing and pampering your face along with your favorite characters? Here’s why:

The above picture, currently terrifying entire nations, was originally posted by Twitter user beeeeeerrrrrry, who quickly went private once their Tweet went viral. But it was too late! Nothing this terrifying can be contained, and, as Rocket News points out, people who saw the thing were just as freaked out as you’d expect.

“It looks like a B-movie horror monster!”
“Well I guess I know what I’ll be seeing in my nightmares tonight…”
“AH! Don’t look it in the eye!”
“Why did I make the mistake of reading this while I was drinking tea? Now my monitor is soaked!”

What, no “seven days”? At least we all know what we’re wearing to this year’s purge!