Wolverine Going MAX This October

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08.24.12 7 Comments

I don’t really have much use for Marvel’s MAX line. Granted, as a home for Garth Ennis’ version of the Punisher, it was pretty much ideal. It let Ennis cut loose with his outrage on some of the worst parts of humanity without making us wonder why anybody was dragging him in.

So Wolverine would seem an ideal fit, especially considering Marvel excuses for putting Wolverine in a book include “He’s from an alternate universe”, “He’s got a secret mutant power of being everywhere at once”, and “It’s Tuesday.”

But oddly, it’s never actually come about that everybody’s favorite Canadian (Male) would get his own MAX book.

Come October? It’ll be happening.

Jason Starr, a crime novelist, will be handling writing chores and Connor Willumsen will be handling art. And, yes, while it’ll be more realistic, Wolverine will still have his claws and healing factor.

Starr will be ditching the origin story (remember, MAX books are outside continuity), but he’ll be keeping some aspects of it since the comic starts in Japan. Also, Starr says there’s an enormous body count.

I’m of two minds. MAX books tend towards the churlish, what a suburban teenager who thinks he’s “edgy” likes to read. And the body count thing gives me a bit of pause. On the other hand, Wolverine separate from the X-Men would actually be pretty interesting. Come October I’ll give this book a shot. I just hope it’s more Punisher and less Fury.

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