Are The ‘Workaholics’ Guys Invading The ‘Arrested Development’ Revival?

As we’ve all become well aware over the last month, Jason Bateman and Ron Howard’s Twitter accounts are the two top sources on the internet for breaking Arrested Development news and reveals (Oscar’s blog being the third). So with today being the first day of filming it should come as no surprise that Bateman fired off a photo from the set. What is a surprise though is that neither of the two young caucasian males in Bateman’s photo are Michael Cera, instead they’re… Ders and Adam from Workaholics?

So. Many. Questions. Did J-Bates (as he likes his friends to call him) just blow a surprise? Was this even taken on the AD set? Is The Bateman (as he likes his enemies to call him) just messing with us? Is that an airline desk? If they are on the AD set is tension already brewing between Cera and Anders Holm over the presence of ironic mustaches? Is Adam going to tear a mask off and reveal himself to be Gene Parmesan?

Unfortunately, my friends, I’m afraid only time will tell. Until then let’s just speculate recklessly.

Or maybe the guy is just coupling the title of his favorite independent film starring John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph with a photo of two young comedians for inspiration. Lots of possibilities.

@BatemanJason & F*ck Yeah Arrested Development via Cajun Boy