Swag, Hashtags, Darius Rucker, And Tight B*tthole: A ‘Workaholics’ Interview With Blake Anderson And Anders Holm

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10.25.11 4 Comments
As part of Workaholics Week at UPROXX, Blake Anderson and Anders Holm were awesome enough to answer some questions about the show, how they embrace the internet, and how the internet embraces the show. They also indulged some mostly “tight butthole” questions that my buddies and I have discussed over beers. The guys — as expected — are exponentially hipper and funnier than I am and didn’t shy away from subjects like Juggalos, Rugrats, and Wet Guys vs. Dry Guys.

Since we dedicate the majority of our time at UPROXX to the intersection of web culture and entertainment, that’s where kicked things off, followed up by some quick fire questions that paint a clear picture (even if you don’t watch) of why Workaholics is a hit. A new episode airs tonight at 10:30 EST on Comedy Central with an in-show hashtag #TakeItSleazy that is just begging to become a trending animal.

With Workaholics being such a web-friendly show, do you guys actively discuss the internet while making it? Like, what aspects of the show will be embraced by the internet, lines that will get quoted, scenes people will love repeating on Twitter and Tumblr, that sort of thing?

Anders: Sure. The web is as relevant as TV or movies or music these days, so we’d be ignoring a major aspect of our culture if we didn’t talk about it. As far as quotes go, those just happen. Either the network or the fans will bite on something and it will end up with a life of its own.

Blake: I think its impossible not to actively discuss the internet anywhere anymore, unless you’re some really old old oldold. The internet is my favorite form of entertainment because it’s completely custom. But we don’t sit around the writer room saying “Hey what’s the next GIF and T-shirt!?!” It kinda happens organically, except for “tight butthole.” We definitely had a meeting where we decided we wanted to be the show that said “butthole” the most times in TV history.

How much time do you spend on the web and where do you spend it? Any particular sites or services you like to hit up for reactions or coverage?

Anders: I’m on Google News, What Would Tyler Durden Do?, Facebook (no so much anymore), my buddies blog Ignored Prayers (the realness), Deadline Hollywood, Pitchfork, and to top it off Sartorialist. 

And porn sites. As far as reactions, I just look at Twitter on my phone. The website sucks, the app is legit.

Blake: I have a blog routine I hit up, Ignored Prayers, Mishka Bloglin, Steaktooth, Pitchfork, Dior Paint, and then Twitter 800 times in between that. I really like putting “Workaholics” into Tumblr and seeing what the fans are doing. Turns out they’re smoking lots of weed… who would have thought?

Do you do the actually posting to your Tumblrs (The Ders Report and Blake’s Fun Time Place)?

Anders: We don’t write the Tumblrs. We’ve got two young go-hards on our staff named Steve “The Beef” White and Tony “The Choad” Goodman that do all the hilarious work on there.

Blake: No. That’s our Homies Oakland Tony and Beef. My official Tumblr is Uncle Blazer.

What are the most common things people say to you or ask you when they recognize you in public? Are there certain lines from the show people repeat without fail or will yell at you from across the street?

Anders: People will just say, “What’s up?” or shout, “Ders!” which is weird, just because only people that really know me called me Ders in the past. There goes that. Haven’t heard tight butthole for a while, which is a good thing.

Blake: A lot of “butthole” talk, which is all good as long as everyone I’m rollin’ with is clued in. I’ve had a few romantic dinners ruined by strange dudes coming up and telling me I have a tight butthole.

Whose idea was it to implement the in-show hashtags? They really hammer home the inside jokes and verbage of the show and seem to help build an even more loyal audience, was that the idea?

Anders: The hashtags were a good idea by the network. Every show is doing it now, not that we started it, but it gets the kids all wet, so I say, “Hoorah.”

Blake: That was all Comedy Central’s internet marketing. It’s cool when a hashtag takes off. For the most part they pick em but I fought really hard for #FreeKarl season one.

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