Working 3D Printed Gun Demoed on YouTube, Government Poops Pants

3D printers are without a doubt one of the coolest inventions of the past few years. They can be used to create so many neat, useful things! Body parts, bones, uh…Led Zeppelin Fischer Price records! Buuut then people had to start tying to make guns, which on the one hand is kind of cool, but on the other hand, untraceable undetectable plastic guns. Yeah.

Oh, and these 3D printed guns aren’t just theoretical any more. Defense Distributed, a group dedicated to developing and distributing free gun designs, posted a YouTube video of them successfully testing a 3D printed weapon. They managed to get off six shots before the gun fell apart. Hit the jump for the video…

Eeek. A congressman by the name of Steve Israel has called for a ban on 3D printed weapons, which raises the question — how? How do you ban people from printing guns without banning the private use of 3D printers altogether? I have a feeling the latter may be coming the first time somebody shoots a convenience store clerk or ex-spouse with a 3D printed gun. So yeah, enjoy those Fischer Price Led Zep records while you can.

via boing boing