Watch The World’s Worst UPS Man Throw A Package Over Someone’s Gate And Then Urinate On Their House

This probably goes without saying, but you shouldn’t urinate on someone’s house. Additionally, you shouldn’t urinate on someone’s house after throwing a package full of ammunition over the gate. A Houston family caught a UPS man on camera doing just that earlier this month.

Here are the details of what happened to Ben Lucas and his family.

Lucas’ video shows a UPS driver walking up to his front gate. The gate was locked but instead of setting the package down the driver is seen tossing the box over the fence. The package broke open and damaged hundreds of dollars worth of .22 caliber ammunition, chemicals and a machine used to clean gun parts.

Adding insult to injury, the UPS driver is then seen unzipping his pants and urinating on the side of Lucas’ house.

“So basically I paid someone to come to my house and pee on it,” said Lucas.

Ouch, that last line. Insult to injury or something like that. Unsurprisingly, the driver has been fired.

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