WoW Drops In Price, Free to Play to Level 20?

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Drug dealers everywhere are furious that Blizzard is cutting prices and extending the free-to-play trial to indefinite (i.e. until you reach level 20). “How can we compete?” they complain, and plan an assault on the Blizzard complex in revenge, little knowing that their Uzis and AK-47s are no match for the Flawless Arcanite Rifle and Mark “S” Boomstick…and that’s just what the receptionist is packing.

Joking aside, why, precisely, is Blizzard doing this? Well, despite having fifteen million people giving them $180 a year, they’re a company, and companies always want more money. What’s interesting is what you get for the low, low price of $20: both the core game and The Burning Crusade.

That said, I’m not sure how many people this will lure back to Azeroth. There does come a point where you wake up one day and realize you’re naked, filthy and haven’t left the house in five weeks, and nobody wants to repeat that. Especially my roommates.

[ via the blood gnomes at Ars Technica ]

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