‘X-Men: First Class’ Sequel To Leave The Past Behind And Head For The Future

In a recent interview Bryan Singer (who still produces the X-Men series) revealed that they’ll be following up the surprisingly successful X-Men: First Class with a movie based on the Days of Future Past storyline.

For those not familiar, Days of Future Past is pretty much the original “Old Man Superheroes” story. Half the story takes place in a dystopian future where giant robots rule the United States and mutants are confined to internment camps, and the other half takes place in the present day as the X-Men try to stop the events that lead to this darkest timeline.

Of course the fact that this is being set up as a sequel to First Class kind of complicates things, since “present day” for the characters of First Class is sometime in the 60s. Sooo, the dystopian future is going to take place in what…the mid-90s? I mean, I guess the 90s were a little dystopian, but still, seems kind of weird. Also, will they be bringing in Hugh Jackman for the movie? A Days of Future Past movie without a Wolverine sporting old man whitewalls just wouldn’t be right.

But complications aside, this sounds promising (and not just because I wrote an article a couple weeks back telling them to do it).

via The Film Stage