YES. 'ReBoot' Is Getting A Reboot.

ReBoot his coming back! If you grew up during the 90s (particularly if you grew up in Canada during the 90s) you probably have a lot of fond memories of ReBoot. Billed as the first-ever computer generated TV cartoon, ReBoot was pretty mind blowing when it debuted back in 1994, but the show offered more than just fancy visuals — it also had a clever premise and surprisingly strong writing behind it.

ReBoot took place inside a computer in the bustling Metropolis of Mainframe. In the world of ReBoot, whenever the God-like owner of the computer played a game, a massive cube of light would engulf part of the city and everyone swallowed up had to act as AI and attempt to beat “The Player”. If The Player beat the game, everything within the cube would be destroyed, but thankfully Mainframe had Bob, a guardian specifically trained and outfitted to beat The Player. So yeah, actually pretty heady stuff for a kid’s cartoon show, and things got pretty complex and dark in later seasons.

Well, next year with be the 20th anniversary of ReBoot, so original series creators, Mainframe Entertainment, has announced they’re working on a new series. No word on what direction the show is taking, other than it’s going to be a “reimagining” rather than a sequel. As long as the new version has Frisket, Mike the TV, Enzo yelling “alphanumeric” at least half a dozen times per episode and Dot’s butt, I’ll be happy. Hell, just Dot’s butt would probably make me happy.

via HuffPost TV