You Can Now Own ‘The Flintstones’ House In Real Life For The Bargain Cost Of $4 Million

The house once called the most original and most interesting home in America is on the market. Better yet, it’s a real life version of The Flintstones house, but thankfully with all the conveniences of the modern age.

The house, currently being featured on Estately, is 4,380-square-foot of granite boulders that is nestled in the middle of a piece of desert and currently sits at $4.2 million:

Called ”The most Original Home in America” by author Stanley Marcus! The World renowned Boulder House-one of Arizona’s only Architectural Digest Cover Homes, designed by noted architect Charles Johnson, featured in over 30 publications, books and international TV. This astonishing residence, on almost 9 acres off undisturbed desert, is integrated into a massive outcropping of granite boulders that make up over 60% of the structure. It’s also a horse property. The land’s ancient petroglyphs chiseled into the home’s exterior, earned a place on the National Register of Historic Places. There is no residence like this in the world, and has a multitude of potential uses. Surrounded by natural and pristine desert and bordered by the Whisper Rock golf course.

Sure, that’s all well and good, but where is the talking dishwasher? Where is the living trash compactor? Where is the can opener! I would at least hope there was a replica dinosaur that I could slide down in order to get into my car every morning. Alas, there isn’t one. But is a nice house.

Check out the full run of photos over here after you peruse the nice selection below:

(Via Estately / Daily Mail)