You Can Use Uber To Get A Helicopter Ride To Bonnaroo

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At this point in my life, my days of going to multi-day festivals are a thing of the past. But I still have wonderfully fuzzy memories of incredibly foul porta-potties, bartering for grilled cheese sandwiches, and, of course, sitting in traffic for hours and hours waiting to get in. I’m pretty sure my longest stint in a traffic jam en route to a festival was in the days leading up the Millennium, when I spent more than 13 hours baking in the Florida sun, waiting to get into the Big Cypress Indian Reservation to see Phish.

If only there was a way I could have avoided that.

Well, now there is!

Uber is working to make your festival experience run that much smoother. Those headed to Bonnaroo now have the option of snagging a helicopter ride. A helicopter! Traffic jams are infinitely more entertaining from above.

Uber is teaming up with Helistar Aviation, a Nashville-based company, to give you UberCHOPPER.

Not just any chopper, Arnold. UberCHOPPER.

This isn’t the first time Uber has done helicopter rides to major events. For only $1,500, you can get an Uber car ride to a helipad in Nashville, where the UberCHOPPER will take you to Bonnaroo’s grounds in Manchester, Tenn. You even get an Uber car ride back to Nashville after the festival (alas, only one ride in the helicopter). Each UberCHOPPER can fit you and two of your buddies, and rides can be requested via the Uber app.

Take that, traffic.

Well, except for traffic leaving the festival. You still have to deal with that.

Bonnaroo kicks off Thursday. If you’re staying home and not in need of a helicopter ride, here’s an in-depth breakdown of what acts you should catch on the festival’s online stream.

(Via Billboard)