You May Not Be Playing ‘The Division’ Until 2016

“The release date has shifted again! Move your asses!”

Damn. Even though I’m not a huge shooter guy, Tom Clancy’s The Division had crept up to near the top of the Most Anticipated of 2014 list. The game is visually stunning, its action looks visceral and hard-hitting and its open-world concept is intriguing.

Unfortunately late last week Ubisoft officially delayed the game into 2015. Bummer. It gets worse — according to anonymous sources within Massive (the company developing The Division) a 2016 launch date might be more realistic

“2015 is a tad bit optimistic. We still don’t have a functioning game and still have massive problems making our multiplayer component work at the concept stage.”

Well crap. From the sounds of it, The Division is still largely at the conceptual stage, which begs the questions — what the hell was Ubisoft thinking announcing a 2014 release date? Companies setting release dates that aren’t just optimistic, but entirely fantasy based seems to be an emerging trend. Cut this s–t out.

via Destructoid