‘You’ Star Penn Badgley Is Out There Doing A Viral Dance Video On TikTok (Stalker Joe Would Never)

Hmm, the man who portrays Joe Goldberg on You is dancing on TikTok. That sounds like the perfect cover for murder.

This was my first thought after spotting a newly viral TikTok video, in which former Gossip Girl ensemble dude Penn Badgley pulls the unlikely move of shimmying alongside pop star Meghan Trainor. What gives?

This isn’t a promotional bit for Badgley’s upcoming Netflix return, although that would be great. Rather, Trainor appeared on an episode of Badgley’s hormone-involved Podcrushed podcast. Her appearance will formally surface on December 21, and I’ll be interested to learn more about how this episode came together. And why the pair decided to dance to one of Trainor’s own songs rather than something a little more neutral. I mean, she has a clear advantage over Penn, but he still works it to a degree.

From there, Badgheads (I’m sorry, really) can look forward to Season 4 of You, which has already released a motion poster that made the leading man feel “icky.” Joe Goldberg is in London now, baby, and he’s attempting to keep a low profile as a university professor. I think you can guess how well that goal goes.

Season 4 will be split into two halves with the first landing on Feb. 10 and the second on March 10.