Even Penn Badgley Feels ‘Icky’ After Seeing The Latest ‘You’ Poster From Netflix

(Warning: You spoilers will be found below.)

Serial killer Joe Goldberg will soon return in You‘s fourth season, and one can expect him to have another new name after fleeing from Suburban Hell to London. He’s also still got Marienne in his sights after killing Love (to be fair, she was trying to kill him first), and it’s time to shake up this show but still keep the same ominous vibe with this venue change. Thus far, the show has excelled at placing Joe into new conundrums with a believable air while still adhering to the spirit of Caroline Kepnes’ source material.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching You, it’s an addictive binge watch and not as triggering as it might sound from description. Actually, fans get a little carried away with all the thirst for Joe, and former Gossip Girl sensation Penn Badgley has been upfront about feelingly mildly unsettled over people’s reactions to the reprehensible dude. Although Badgley appears to have made peace with this reaction — and the show has a good time roasting Joe — he still gets that feeling on occasion, especially when he spied this new poster of a bearded Joe, who’s staring into your soul.

“These moving eye posters are icky,” Badgley wrote on Instagram after a Netflix post. “I look like a wax figure @younetflix like I’m down but I’m gonna post later k.”

He’s not wrong. Be careful when you book office hours with Professor Joe because you know what happened to John Stamos’ character from Season 1. We need him back.

To sum up, Season 4 picks up with Joe already moving on from Paris to London, and the scintillating saga returns in early 2023.