You’ll Never Guess Which Country Has Mountain Dew-Flavored Cheetos Available

Did you guess the United States? Because that’s wrong. In fact, I thought I made it pretty obvious by the banner image that I was referring to Japan, but Mountain Dew-flavored Cheetos certainly seems like something that would be sold in a red, white and blue package. Regardless, the unique snack food is currently available in Japan for just a limited time, which means that if they taste like a hot cup of GROSS, they’ll be gone before we know it, and if they’re delicious, well, Cheetos will have the entire world begging to eat from its hands.

The good news, according to FoodBeast, is that thanks to this wonderful Internet age, we can all order these Cheetos and try them for ourselves for just $3.50. Oh, and the $13 shipping if you want a pack this week. Otherwise, you can spend $4 on shipping and try them in 3-6 weeks. But would it be worth it to wait that long? Let’s check the description:

Everyone loves Cheetos, the crunchy cheezy treat that you have to lick your fingers to savor every flavor, but this new amazing flavor infuses American Mointain Dew with the crunchy Cheetos snack. This combo version by Frito-Lay Japan brings you a wild new flavor that’s indicative of the combination, Mountain Dew flavor. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this limited edition version that’s for “your eyes only” or those who dare to live dangerously. Made in cooperation with Pepsi, to ensure an authentic taste experience. (Via JBOX)

Live dangerously? *locks basement door, cranks up Grand Theft Auto 5, chucks asthma inhaler across the room* I’ll take two.

(Original banner via Shutterstock)