There’s A Good Chance You Had An Internet Crush On One Of These People In 2012

Among the many GIFs that appeared in Maske’s list of the most important GIFs of 2012 feature yesterday, the one that received the most attention featured Olivia Wilde. That is…very understandable, and Jason Sudeikis is a very lucky man. I’m still convinced that their foreplay involves him doing the Running Man for hours on end (Wilde recently told Vulture that they have sex like “Kenyan marathon runners”). Olivia Wilde is a very lucky woman. ANYWAY, seeing that GIF again brought back a lot of feelings not felt since, well, the first time it appeared on this very website, back in March.

Clearly, we, like the world as a whole, are very much in love with Miss Wilde, who appears in this list of the Internet’s biggest crushes of 2012, all in GIF form. We’ve included both fellas and ladies, because to talk about wild infatuations for celebrities and NOT mention Michael Fassbender would be wildly inappropriate.

(This GIF really is great for every situation)