YouTube Reactions To ‘GTA V’ Don’t Disappoint In The Dumbassery Department

“Oh God, it’s full of YouTube comments!”

We’re lucky to have a pretty swell bunch of commenters here at Uproxx. Hell, half the time you guys have funnier things to say about whatever I’m posting about than I do. Okay, let’s not go crazy — maybe a third of the time. You know what site doesn’t have a good commenting culture? YouTube. YouTube is your one stop shop for knuckle-dragging idiotic blather on pretty much any subject you can name.

A while back I posted a collection “YouTube Reacts” videos, featuring dramatic readings of dumbass YouTube comments, and the guys behind those earlier videos have just come out with a new one. Hit the jump for YouTube Reacts – Grant Theft Auto V

Here’s a bonus for you — YouTube Reacts to the “Pauline” Donkey Kong hack. You know, the one a cool dad did so his daughter could play as a girl in Donkey Kong? Yeah, this isn’t gonna be pretty!

Bravo YouTube, you never disappoint.

via Green Apple Flavored