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Nick Nadel has written for HBO, The Onion, AMC, Martha Stewart and many others. Follow him on Twitter @nicknadel and visit his Tumblr (http://nicknadel.tumblr.com/) if you're into that sort of thing.


That Time Barbara Walters Interviewed The Ninja Turtles And Her Other Weirdest Pop Culture Moments

By | 2 Comments

When you've shined your soft focus light on so many famous figures over the years, things are bound to get weird on occasion.


The 9 Weirdest And Occasionally Disturbing 'Peanuts' Specials

By | 5 Comments

These weird Peanuts specials will have you saying, "Good Grief!"


9 Superhero Movies From The '90s That Need A Reboot (And One That Doesn't)

By | 73 Comments

The '90s gave us some unique superhero movies. Here are a few that should come back.

#video games

5 Reasons To Get Excited About Xbox One's 'Project Spark

By | 3 Comments

Here are some reasons why 'Project Spark' is the first must-have Xbox One app.

Comic Book Movies

20 Awesome Facts You Might Not Know About ‘Darkman’

By | 20 Comments

Here's everything you never knew about Sam Raimi's underrated superhero/horror mash-up 'Darkman'.


The 11 Weirdest Moments In Robocop History You May Have Forgotten About

By | 31 Comments

The many attempts to make Robocop family-friendly led to some truly bizarre moments in the character's history.

ron burgundy

10 Reasons You Should Watch The ‘Lost’ Sequel To ‘Anchorman’ Before Seeing ‘Anchorman 2′

By | 12 Comments

Anchorman 2 is technically the third movie in the series. There's actually a little-seen "lost" sequel that predates it by nearly a decade.


What We Learned At The Xbox One Preview

By | 30 Comments

We got a look at the Xbox One in action and, well, it's a really awesome way to watch TV!

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