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Ray Lewis Has a Video Message For The People of Baltimore

By | 126 Comments

In times of discord, people can always count on Ray Lewis to sermonize the voice of reason at them.

xmas ape

KILL KILL KILL: Jaguars Snag Fowler

By | 18 Comments

The Internet just needs to bring the Bear/Jaguar death videos so I can have more death in the Top 10.

xmas ape

A Chiefs Fan Prank Called A C-SPAN Discussion On Drone Strikes

By | 35 Comments

Kansas City fan called into a discussion on drone strikes and drops the name of a few current and former players.

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KLEARINGHOUSE: Talking And Playing, Sizes May Vary

By | 74 Comments

Robert Griffin III has a new motto and a fifth-year option picked up by his team.

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Peter King Quotes The NFL’s Top Attorney Comparing The Concussion Settlement to ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’

By | 184 Comments

Peter is still blaming all the NFL's domestic violence screw-ups on the failure of law enforcement.

KSK Week In Review

KSK Week In Review: Eternal Ghost Flames

By | 375 Comments

With next weekend full of names being read on a dais (or at a military base), better make the most of this weekend.

xmas ape

Tee Hee, The President Has Deflated Ball Jokes

By | 96 Comments

Obama brushing up on his humor in advance of the Correspondents' Dinner.

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Presenting The Gunslingingest Song Of All-Time

By | 42 Comments

Some folk band wrote a song about Brett Favre.

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NFL Concussion Settlement Gets Final Approval Though NFL Accepts No Liability

By | 25 Comments

Retired, ailing players will get some money. Eventually. And not quite as much as they should. Yay!


Season Kickoff Game To Feature Patriots And Steelers But Not Their Running Backs

By | 23 Comments

The Steelers are the team that will have to go into New England to face the Patriots in the 2015 season opening game.


The NFL Wants You To Spend Your Thanksgiving Night Watching Jay Cutler Lose

By | 82 Comments

The Packers will reportedly host the Bears in the Thanksgiving night game.

xmas ape

KILL KILL KILL: Chimps Are People

By | 53 Comments

Finally, a nature video that discourages chimps from showboating by comparing them to NFL players.

xmas ape

KLEARINGHOUSE: These Pretzels Are Making Me Holy

By | 75 Comments

You see, my wife, she has been most vocal on the subject of the pretzel monies.

xmas ape

Peter King Buries An Important Story About Rodney Harrison Crying In The Bathroom

By | 148 Comments

Stories about fart pranks, thoughts on Tim Tebow and Peter acting unsettled by the Britt McHenry video. All in all, a very fart-heavy column.

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