The NFL Wants You To Spend Your Thanksgiving Night Watching Jay Cutler Lose

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The 2015 NFL schedule will be officially unveiled this evening, but all afternoon the fun details like prime time games will leak out before the official schedule release. First up is one of the most important revelations of the new schedule: who is playing on Thanksgiving. Obviously, we already know from tradition that Detroit and Dallas are hosting the first two games of the day. The Thanksgiving night game, however, changes from year to year and usually consists of two bitter rivals. Three years ago, it was the Jets and Patriots. Two years ago, it was the Steelers and Ravens. Last year, it was the 49ers and Seahawks. The report for 2015 Thanksgiving night game is no different.


Well, the hatred is certainly there, though whether this will be a competitive game is another matter entirely. The Bears will be going through some rebuilding in 2015. And even if they weren’t, Jay Cutler has yet to win in Lambeau since arriving coming to the team in 2009. Chicago did defeat Green Bay on the road in 2013, though that was a game that Aaron Rodgers left early with an injury and Josh McCown started for the Bears.