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Here’s Jared Leto Having An ‘Intense Staredown’ With Jimmy Fallon


Jared Leto takes his whole Buddy Christ look to new heights by having a mountain top staredown with Jimmy Fallon.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Adam Dunn’s Pitching Performance Last Night

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Yes 6'8" Adam Dunn took the mound and yes, you absolutely need to see it.


Nothing Good Happens In The Outfield At Texas Rangers Games

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See that kid in the blue jersey and hat with his face obscured.


The Dugout: Bienvenido Oz Miami

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Yesterday, we shared with you the news that beloved (cough) Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen has parted ways with the organization because he couldn't fly to Spain on their dime and wanted a bigger boat.


Adam Dunn Gets Violent About Internet Scrabble

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So, it turns out Chicago White Sox slugger Adam Dunn is one of those people who starts a random game with me in Words With Friends and resigns with 77 letters left when I spell "taciturn.



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The Washington Nationals are quickly becoming the "other team" in major league baseball for me.

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