DC Comics Doesn’t Want This Football Team To Use Their Town’s Centuries-Old Bat Logo


DC Comics might win this trademark battle; they'll just need to build a time machine.


Here’s A Guy Getting Attacked By A Rabid Bat During A Campground Jam Session


This is why camping is not fun and anyone who says otherwise is a lying a-hole.


A Joke About Baseball Bats


get it I live in Austin, Texas, where bats flying up out of nowhere is one of our things.


Wounded Store Owner Fights Off Gunmen With Bat

Raw footage of a Chicago store owner taking a bullet and then furiously swinging a baseball bat to fend off a pair of robbers.


True Facts About The Fruit Bat

The fruit bat gets the hilarious “True Facts” treatment.


Yawning Baby Bat

Possibly the most adorable bat footage ever recorded.


Giant Fruit Bats

A pair of enormous fruit bats hang out on a branch at an Indonesian coffee plantation.


Orb Spider vs. Bat

Care to wager on who wins when it's spider vs.


Look At This Dog

Dog News After multiple recovery attempts, the Japanese coast guard has successfully rescued the dog seen above.

#video games

What Games Belong In the Smithsonian?

After years of forum flamewars, nerd fights, and attempts to be taken seriously, video games are finally getting their due as art, thanks to the Smithsonian.

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