Adele Remains Impossibly Charming While Going Nuts Over A Bat That Snuck Into Her Show

It’s not exactly a leap of scientific faith to suggest human beings can be wired differently when it comes to encountering bats. For example, billionaire playboy philanthropist Bruce Wayne seems to like them okay. Beloved award-magnet Adele? Not so much. At least, that’s what we gathered from this fresh piece of concert footage from the singer’s globetrotting Adele Live 25 tour.

Adele was visited by the unexpected flying fan at her Mexico City gig on Monday night. Rather than ring up her agent about rabies shots, Adele rolled with the distinctively fanged punches and made light of the situation on-stage.

“Welcome to Mexico,” she said. “It’s really good to be here — but a f*cking bat?”

Based off the fan-shot footage of the affair, it’s not entirely clear if the crowd is all that riled up by speeding skyrats or if it’s just the recording megastar that is perplexed by this turn of events. (To be fair, if I had the cash, connections and good fortune to see Adele live, why would I give some dumb ol’ bat my attention? WHERE ARE YOUR BALLADS, BAT?, etc.) What is evident is that Adele is reliably charming in pretty much every situation she faces.

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