Tap Dancing Seagull

What in the name of Fred Astaire has gotten into this seagull.


Pigeon Uses Backflip to Avoid Formula One Car

A bird has a close call with an F1 car at the Monaco Grand Prix, but deftly avoids disaster with a quick backflip.


Hunter Catches Flying Bird With Bare Hand

Who needs a gun with reflexes like these.


True Facts About The Duck

The duck gets the always entertaining True Facts treatment.


Goose vs. Gorilla

A standoff between a gorilla and a goose at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Kansas reaches a surprising conclusion.


“Look At All Those…”

An adorable little girl has something to say about the abundance of birds before her.


The Ostrich Charmer

Taming an ostrich with the power of ye old tin whistle.


Hawk Snatches Boy's Pet Mouse

A boy's mouse instantly goes from pet to prey when a hawk swoops down and swipes it.


Laughing Roosters

The funniest clips of roosters laughing hysterically, all in one video.


Chihuahua Crashes Pigeon Party

With a spectacular soundtrack.


The Bird-Away Net Toupee

It successfully defends your toupee against thieving raptors of every feather.


Condor Escapes at Hockey Game

A real condor stole the show before the Bakersfield Condors played the Las Vegas Wranglers.


Dubstep Bird Is The Future Of Music

In the future, all music will be dubstep and performed by birds. The future is now.


Hawk Snatches Just-Released Mouse

When a young man tries to release his pet mouse into the wild, it doesn't go so well for the mouse.


Parrot Spots a Squirrel

Ariel the parrot sees a squirrel in the yard, and wants everyone to know about it.


Parrot Opens Beer Can

He's the perfect "wing" man.


Bird Buggy

Andrew Gray designed and built a fully-functional electric buggy for Pepper.


Foul-Beaked Bird Needs a Home

An animal charity at Leybourne needs to find a suitable home for this bird which has picked up some rather colorful language.


A Golden Treasury Of Funny And Adorable Halloween Costumes For Pets (Part Two)

Halloween is coming. Do your pets have their Halloween costumes ready? Probably not, since they can't read calendars and don't have thumbs.


Crab Amputates Own Claw

After losing a battle with birds, this crab is forced to amputate its own damaged claw.

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