Check Out Hershey’s New 3D Chocolate Printer

By | 4 Comments

Come with me, and you'll see, chocolate made with robot animation.

Sling TV

Everything You Need To Know About Sling TV, Dish’s Attempt To Turn Cable Into Netflix

By | 13 Comments

Ready for cable without cable? Here's what you need to know about Sling TV.


Nokia’s Got The $29 Burner Phone You Can Tweet With

By | 6 Comments

If you're looking for a cheap, durable phone to surf the internet with, you might not have to wait much longer.

consumer electronics show

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The New Walkman ZX2

By | 48 Comments

Sony has brought back the Walkman. But it's not the Walkman you remember. Here's what you need to know.


Audi’s Autonomous A7 Prototype Drove Itself Over 550 Miles To Premiere At This Year’s Consumer Electronics Show


The self-driving Audi A7 traveled over 550 miles from San Francisco to Las Vegas for its premiere at this week's Consumer Electronics Show.


Robot Beer Pong Is One Way Smart Drunk People Are Still Better Than You


Empire Robotics has brought their Versaball system to Vegas and I really want to know how you get a robot drunk.

uh oh

Why CES 2014 Is The Beginning Of The End For Microsoft

By | 9 Comments

This CES was full of nothing but bad news for Microsoft. Why there's a lot of reason to be worried about some broken Windows.


Michael Bay Releases Statement About His Teleprompter Freak Out, Expresses… Humility?

By | 18 Comments

Michael Bay releases uncharacteristically humble statement about his teleprompter freakout at CES.


Watch As Michael Bay Bails Midsentence In Awkward CES Press Conference (UPDATE)

By | 18 Comments

Michael Bay just awkwardly bailed in the middle of a live presentation at CES. Watch the video here.


Everybody Is Making A Google TV Now, Apparently

By | 4 Comments

Man, somebody dumped a big load of Google TV all over these high end televisions. But will it actually catch on this time?

when this thing hits 88mph...

Qualcomm Debuts New, 75% Faster Chips At CES

By | 4 Comments

Snapdragon gets a lot snappier, thanks to Qualcomm.

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