Alligator Steals Fish From Little Girl

A daddy-daughter fishing trip takes an unexpected turn when a gator shows up.


Giant Black Marlin Jumps Into Boat

Incredible footage of a 600 lb black marlin jumping into a boat and landing among the crew.


Spearfishing Surprise

A spearfisherman thinks he snags a nice big fish, only to have it taken away by an even bigger fish.


China's Goldfish Beauty Pageant

Three thousand goldfish from 14 countries have locked gills to compete in a beauty pageant in China.


Fish Launches Successful Pre-emptive Strike

One man's fishing trip is ruined when a fish gets to him first.


Rapping Goldfish

This is a goldfish that raps.


Nature’s Free Dental Plan

A diver has his teeth cleaned by two cleaner wrasse fish in Dahab Sinai, Egypt.


Fish Kisses And Swims With Dog

Sasha the labrador retriever takes a liking to a carp at Lake Mead, and the feeling is mutual.


1,000-Pound Marlin Caught in Hawaii

A woman battled a 12-foot, 1,022-pound marlin during a fishing tournament in Hawaii.


Ice Fishing Gets Manly in a Hurry

Rather than risk breaking his line, this Russian ice fisherman uses his hands to pull in his giant catch.


Piranha Scissors

Don't have scissors.


A Watery Grave Filled With Links

The Official Warming Glow Fall TV Preview Drinking Game |Warming Glow| Michael Bay Auditions a New Ferrari Washer: A Picture Story |Film Drunk| Alec Baldwin Ran into the Infamous Hipster Barista |UPROXX| These Are Arguably The 100 Best Jay-Z Songs |TSS| T.


Hunting Silver Carp, Wolverine-Style

Silver Carp (AKA "The A-holes of the sea") are a pesky fish which are not indigenous to the Illinois River but have nonetheless invaded, setting up their annoying fish trailers and reproducing out of control and holding guppy fights on their front lawns next to the little plastic scuba diver they've put up on blocks.




NatGeo recently reported that the ice-covered oceans of Europa contain 100 times more oxygen than prior models predicted, meaning the satellite can sustain more complex life-forms than previously thought: That amount of oxygen would be enough to support more than just microscopic life-forms: At least three million tons of fishlike creatures could theoretically live and breathe on Europa, said study author Richard Greenberg of the University of Arizona in Tucson.

the black Karl Pilkington

Ocho And Marvin: Under One Roof! The Fish Episode


In an effort to regain control of his team, Bengals coach Marvin Lewis decides to take the drastic step of bringing volatile wideout Chad Johnson into his home, in a spirited attempt to get both men to understand one another better.

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